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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Special Note for IE Users...

Not even Microsoft's "latest and greatest" Internet Explorer 7 is standards-compliant.

But, due to more than a few emails from people still stuck using a Model T browser (Internet Exploder), I'll continue to work as time permits to make this blog present itself a little more readably for folks who refuse to get a decent browser.

From IEBlog (a Microsoft Developer Network site),

We fully recognize that IE is behind the game today in CSS support.... we’ve made sure the bugs and features are on our list - however, there are some fairly large and difficult features to implement, and they will not all sort to the top of the stack in IE7....

Oh. "...large and difficult features..." that a tiny lil company in Norway and an organization of volunteer coders have separately implemented pretty darned well in Opera and Firefox.

Pull the other one. "Difficult to implement" because they're having to work within the constraints of Internet Exploder, of course!

Months and months of posts on trying to kludge proper CSS support into IE's bloated code...

And this post points out the problems caused for even IE7's partial CSS implementation for users by web designers attempting to hack CSS workarounds for the various versions if IE in use.

Microsoft's code is such a mess, even MSDN developers are pulling their hair out trying to bring things up to standards.

I'll do what I can, but everything I've done so far to improve presentation in Internet Exploder has screwed things up worse for properly standards-compliant browsers...

Meanwhile, may I suggest

Opera: simply the best internet experience

Download Opera

Here's a site with plenty of info.

And Firefox is a fine browser, as well. Less elegant than Opera, but a feisty lil bugger.

Internet Exloder is simply the "overweight St Bernard thinking it's a lapdog" browser. Fine if one is tolerant of such, I suppose.