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Friday, December 30, 2005

Who am I?

Short stats:

  • In my 50s somewhere

  • Bachelors and Masters degrees in seemingly unrelated fields. PhD.B.S.—yes, a doctorate in "bovine scatology" that preceded my B.M. by several years. :-)

  • Married for 27 years to my Wonder Woman

  • 2 children: empty nest.

  • Interests? Nearly everything except for pop "culture"—and even there the subject piques a certain morbid curiosity in me.

  • I play several instruments and used to sing, though not so much any more. Less and less performance as the years wear on.

  • Have taught in public schools, built, managed and directed music and performing arts programs, both ongoing in churches and in special venues.
  • I read widely and in topics too diverse to list. In fiction, probably the majority is still science fiction, but even there, wide range of tastes.

  • History, arts, philosophy, religion, p-sych, sociology, real science (as opposed to poly-sci, sociology, p-sych, etc.) and more are among my nonfiction reading interests.

  • Heck. I'll read a soup can if that's all that's available.

  • Currently tune bit-buckets for income.

  • I blog "to silence the voices in my head"

Call me Ishmael.