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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Comment/Trackback Policy

NOTE: None of the outline below is written in stone. It's my blog, and like N.Z. bear and his ecosystem game, Ireserve the right to play favorites, change the rules in midstream or anything else i wanna do.


That said, I'm generally pretty lenient about comments and trackbacks. I'm not offended by vulgarity or even by most obscenity (cos I don't find most obscenity meets the "titillation" criterion; most of it is trite, boring and altogether stale). I do find profanity (that which defames the Holy) to be offensive and will delete or edit to near oblivion any such.

Other than that? You wanna disagree with me or even flame me, feel free, but you better have your ducks in a row, cos I do not promise not to brutalize your arguments.


Flattery, praise and outright sucking up is always welcome.



Generally, the only times I delete trackbacks or comments are when

1.) they seriously abuse reason or are comments demonstrating the posters are wacko, crackpot lying bastards.
2.) It's a SPAM trackback/comment (pr0n or promo for a busniess/product, etc., although I'd allow even a SPAM promo for a business or product if it were related to the topic of a post :-)
3.) A trackback to a NON Open Post that is unrelated to the subject. If it's someone who simply linked to the wrong post thinking it was an Open Post, I'll usually either let it stand or bring the link onto the front page with other trackbacks, then delete it.
4.) Comments that are too bizarrely unrelated to the subject matter, show severely subliterate lack of reasoning ability or are twisted, convoluted disingenuous piles of crap may be brought out onto the front page for mocking and open ridicule, at my sole discretion.

So there.