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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

"camel passing through the eye of a needle"

This refers to Jesus' statement that it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of the (a) needle than it is for him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. My Baptist preacher grandfather used this image, which some archaeologists confirm and some dispute. he told of a gate—a kind of "postern gate"—in the walled city of Jerusalem supposedly called "the eye of the needle". It was a small portal, used only when the main gates of the city were closed for the night. If a trader (and Jerusalem was a major trading city in ancient times) came late to the gates and wanted entry for the night (for protection, of course), he'd have to pass through this small gate which was too large for a mounted man to enter, just large enough for a man walking or a horse without rider. A camel would have to kneel and kind of crawl through.

So it is with the "rich man" entering the Kingdom of Heaven: can do so humbly, on his knees.

And so with Jean Fraud sKerry: he could grow some integrity, but only by humbling himself and acting honestly, actually KEEPING his word, instead of arrogantly acting as though anything he says is good enough, regardless of whether he actually means what he says or makes good on his word.